➿ Z∞

Maybe I started this project just because I wanted to use the infinity-symbol…

Or because I love round things.

Z∞ is to be a Zoomable Circular Calendar. It should display a calendar for the year as a circle. Then if you click a month, the month segment also becomes a circle.. and so on, until you can see an hour, and have perhaps a workout program displayed in that circle.

Data from Google Calendar should be enough to have something to display in early versions of Z∞

Later versions could pull from other sources, such as EPiC or DaMP.

Fun features to add

  • Linkable schedule events, similar to how layers are linked in image manipulation programs. When entries are linked, they can be stretched and compressed together, enabling easy rescheduling of a whole day. Very useful if something unexpected arrives and disrupts the planned activities!

To begin with

We need a web page where we can play around freely with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and webGL. Consider setting it up locally in Linux