Valley Visitors

A valley opened up before them, full of flowers of all colors. In the middle a giant tree stretched its wide branches out in all directions, shadowing parts of the various small buildings underneath it. In the distant corner of the valley, small lakes gathered the water streaming down along the hillside. There was a waterfall from the upper part of the trunk of the giant tree, and another waterfall from the low mountains across the valley to the west. Plantations of grain and vegetables were scattered along the streams and lakes and around the mouth of the bay leading in between the steep cliffs covering the river to the south, leaving only a narrow peek towards distant grassy plains.

North of the mammoth tree stood a 3-story building with a large green crystal on its roof. The first floor extended in two directions, creating balconies on both sides of the second . The roof of the third floor was deeply slanted. Next to the house was a well, which strangely had flickering light shining up from it.

Up to the left, lay an overgrown wooden cabin, made from fallen tree trunks and up on the hill grass-covered mounds. It had small openings surrounded by old planks where light shone into the subterranean interior. A think trail of smoke ran from one of the holes in the roof.

“That’s where I live”, said Ope, “It doesn’t look nothing like Fer’s fancy house, but I love it — A bed, a place to lay down my axe, store tree saplings and a fireplace is all I need. Now let’s go see if Est is around.”

They walked forward towards the large central tree, passing palm trees looking like small ferns or flimsy flowers in comparison. Then they took left towards the south. A flat green building extended out from the inside of the enormous tree trunk to their right, and another rickety house lay on their left, just below the hill where Ope had his home .