Here I will add more as I explore this interesting branch of our fellow organisms the plants. Even just trying to find them, or even contemplating them can be an enlightening and rewarding experience while in dual reality. In non-dual reality with fully subject-object unified you naturally don’t need any of these plants!

In Sweden

  • Fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) — forests and meadows
  • Liberty cap (Psilocybe semilanceata) — meadows and lawns
  • Black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger)
  • Henbane bell (Scopolia carniolica)
  • Jimson weed (Datura stramonium)
  • Belladona (Atropa belladonna)
  • Hemp plants (Cannabaceae) — railroads
  • Nightshades (solanaceae family)