Around Town

Grasshopper in shower
show me the power
of a magical life
forgotten in strife

Blackbirds skipping
while I am tripping
direct me toward
the greatest reward

Storks on the tower
come as spring flowers
I don't mean to flatter
but I do dig your clatter

Heron in river
your grace makes me shiver
and stop on my way
Do you meditate, pray?

Cow on the peak
won't be nobody's steak
I will teach her to fly
or my tears will run dry

Horses and sheep
you'll all make me weep
if your life is to end
for some ignorant friend

Alley cat sneaking
I look at you peeking
unto evening's litter
a feast all too bitter

Dogs in long leashes
peeing where pleases
dragging 'round 'masters'
out of disasters

Frogs in the night
Town's singing delight
got their own fanzine
for their choral routine

Bat under roof
Mysterious, aloof
Your silent wings flap
when flying your laps

Spider in corner
is not a mourner
when I clean in a gown
and its net gather down

Butterfly fluttering
won't hear me muttering
how its catering nephews
ate all my lettuce

Heartshaped little fly
buzzing near me and by
there's no swatter here
for you, dear, to fear

Silverfish glimmer
in stark lamp light (no dimmer)
you make me gladder
as I empty my bladder