Yoga, brunch and photo walk

Yesterday I read a bit in Ashtanga Yoga by David Swenson and found some useful things to add to my practice. To start with, one can use a dedicated cloth on the typical rubber yoga mats. It will keep the practice more hygienic since the cloth is simple to wash. I used my bed sheet which is 100% cotton, but want to find a dedicated cloth eventually, preferably some locally produced linen or hemp that is not too rough.

Then I also tried adding a jump in every other sun salutations, together with staying in downward dog for 6 breaths instead of one. It was fun to break up the usual routine a bit!

the note from today’s yoga routine in swedish

I added to my previous program!

Eye and head rolls, Spinal twist, Headstand, Triangle, Eagle, Sitting warrior and a long Corpse pose to end with.

As I am typing this I notice I forgot the leg stretches!! Bummer!!! I will add it to the program directly after the sun salutations

I noticed how curative the headstand is for any intestinal problems, it really activates awareness of that area!! Highly recommended!

Then I prepared today’s brunch

Fibrous bread, peanut butter, raw vegetable, fruits and a fresh smoothie.

I struggled to find a dark vegan chocolate at the closest supermarket yesterday and had to settle with a note sugary and fatty one… I added one white and one brown to the yoghurt which was featured in this blog post

The last major thing of the day was a photo walk north of where I live. Enjoy these colorful pictures!














Walk in Vallentuna

Two days ago I took a walk with my father in autumn colored Vallentuna.

My very handsome and fashionable father!

The weather was chilly and cloudy weather and the air clean and refreshing!

First we got an errand dealt with; inscribing me in the Swedish social security, which has its office next to the town square

Then we visited the local church which origins all the way back from the conversion of the Vikings to Christianity.

Some runes are inscribed on the corner of the church!

I would love if anyone with runic knowledge could translate it for us!

We entered the local cultural center which is in an awesome modern glass building! We had an enriching tour through an exposition featuring local artists, finding interesting commonalities between the art of computer coding and the art of weaving. We also particularly enjoyed a photograph which had captured light reflecting on a frozen lake in a manner so that the flat surface seemed to take on three dimension ality.

Contrasting a square blue car with a modern triangular framed church

Finally I really enjoyed this other church which has an architecture reminding me of modern A-frame houses, a style which I like a lot, since the inside can be left completely open leading to a nice bright and open atmosphere.

Today I plan the first of several walks near 3 churches to the north, I hope to give you some nice photos while experimenting with the two camera objectives I have used the least; the telescopic and the wide angled one.

Yesterday’s art, today’s yoga and yummy vegan breakfast!

I borrowed a bundle of art supplies from my mother.

At first I messed around on this old sketch of hers to familiarize myself with acrylic pencils which I have never used before.

I filled in some flower petals, leaves and played a bit with the water and contours of the glass. Then I felt I should work on something new..

… and began this drawing using graphite, tinted charcoal, crayons and acrylic pens. I worked less than an hour on it, but I it will need four more hours to be complete.

A good yoga session;


Sun salutations to get the body warmed up

Deep belly breathing for the inner organs

Cobra to improve upper back posture.

Hip opener since I struggle with a tingly sensation in my thighs

Candle both for digestion and to relax the back muscles

Straight and tucked leg raise laying on my back.

Then I prepared the following amazing breakfast from my parents well stocked cupboards and fridge:

  • Green tea
  • Soy yoghurt with blueberry juice, Mom’s müsli and yellow kiwi
  • Fruity bread with sliced zucchini, plum tomatoes and thyme
  • Seedy cracker with peanut butter, cashew nuts and thyme
  • “Archipelago bread” with peanut butter, kiwi and walnuts

Couldn’t wait to start eating as I was typing the post!! ;P

Back on track

Should I sign or should I not??

After taking my parents advice to return into the Swedish social security system, we took an energizing walk around the beautiful mix of residences and wilderness in Vallentuna.

Two happy beings sharing the celtic name Kenneth, meaning ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful’

Here we are at runestones telling the history of ancestors in the age of the Vikings, a millennia ago.

Full pictures of the stones to learn how to read and write runes from!

My father tracked our walk in detail with an app on his phone. We were out for over an hour in the refreshing autumn air and covered over five kilometers of varied terrain; streets, pavements, gravel and forest tracks.

We also stopped and sat by the lake, I will show you more of it in a future post!

My father told me the local authority decided it has too much fish for people to swim in it and are hiring people to fish from it. That sounds ridiculous to me. As a lover of nature and vegan, I say, why not just swim with the fishes?

Now I will help carrying up and sorting out the groceries my mother bought.

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Waking up in Sweden

I started the morning with some yoga. It has been a while and I feel a bit rusty, but I went through 5 minutes of deep breathing and 10 sun salutations. Then I improvised for about another twenty minutes; sitting reaching for the toes, cobra, candle, child’s pose, headstand. I also tried a new pose after googling for the Sanskrit names which I have yet to learn; dolphin pose! I found it on It is like the downward dog which is part of the sun salutations, but with the elbows bent so the lower arms are laying horizontal along the floor or ground!

Got my old yoga mat back which my Mom had used in her art studio to protect the floor from paint. But the few stains only enhance it in my opinion!

For breakfast; cashew nuts, walnuts and my mothers home made müsli mix with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, oat flakes and dried fruit.

I also added some mango juice!

My mother is 63 years old and keeps herself in great shape with yoga and tennis. Neither of my parents are vegan (yet) but eating vegan at their place is super easy, since they what they eat is already so well balanced, both ecologically and nutritionally.

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What’s it like to fly in an airplane?

Chatted with a new beautiful friend from Africa about how it is to fly, she has never been in the air! I described flying as the take off being in a car accelerating fast and then in the air the turns feels as being on a train that tilts. Most of the trip is like being seated in a bus on a road with no bumps or curves, and then landing is like if you are in a car again that has jumped a bit.

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Pause in fasting

After a tumultuous time in my life I have decided to return to my birth family for a while to get myself in order. As much as I love experimenting with reality and consciousness, things can get out of hand, and I need to find an anchor, a new base to build on. Now I am on the third or fourth day of a solid, varied and very rich vegan diet and look forward to see Sweden again after three years abroad

Fasting to bring about a new world

I have started a fasting with no determined end date as a consequence of my search for the truth of reality, based on personal investigations of the latest results of quantum science together with the core of religious and spiritual teachings.

The purpose is to reach a harmonious unification of religions with all sciences, unifying the consciousness of all beings (earthlings and aliens)

Volunteer and follow my example; spread this idea around the world.


Consequences of the carnist choice

A vegan were troubled by the following conundrum:
“Whenever I try to explain that humans aren’t really meant to eat meat or dairy products, they always say that can’t be right cause they are on the food pyramid. How do I respond to this?? Even I start second guessing myself when they say that.”

First, can we recognize that any meaning is made up by the mind? Words are superimposed onto the actual observations. Can we also recognize then, that there is a the choice of where to place oneself, of what made up model of reality to believe in?

If we accept this, then we accept that we made the choice of placing ourselves on top of that imaginary food-pyramid, a model that is causing perpetual death and suffering to both self and others. And that there is a choice to maintain these habits. The body functions according to the energies it digests. The industry of perpetual holocaust maintained in the world today appears to give humans deteriorating health in a gradually decaying body, manifesting in diseases such as cancer. Look at unbiased research on the connection between food sources and health and find the clear correlations.

But instead of looking just for data, I invite you to allow yourself the time and breathing-room to see and feel reality as it is, leave behind societal/cultural-imposed beliefs (a regular meditation can help with that).

You might discover that it is a natural no-brainer to choose health, love and compassion, without the need of an external authority telling you what is right or not. Any individual can become conscious enough to choose a healthier life.