Nightly contemplation

While inside the mind, or the matrix.. how to escape?

Let’s start with what we know. Thoughts create reality.. at least the reality experienced while inside the mind.

Using the mind to hack the mind?

I know am trying to escape myself… To begin with, escape the limited self I think I am. Since I am trying to escape myself, it means I already have all answers needed. It also means, I am in charge of everything that happens, everyone I meet, if I only acknowledge it.

We have seen that letting go is a useful method to get outside the mind, at least momentarily. Isn’t it curious now that the mind is afraid of letting go of itself? Even after knowing that the most beautiful experience awaits?

To actually have no identity, is not like being anonymous. It beyond even being anonymous. To be without any thought concerning one’s own existence. No past, no present, no future. Complete obliteration of the self or I as a concept.

To reach it, the desire for one’s own destruction must replace all other desires.

And even if one reaches it, it is just the beginning, the first touch of the flame of truth.

Time to reinterpret myself out of existence