🌍 Home

⚑ Energy

The house I currently live in uses geothermal energy for heating, and is connected to the main grid in Sweden for electricity However, I would like to live in a home powered locally by wind and / or solar energy, until even cleaner and more efficient energy is available. I believe investing in sustainable energy production gives benefits to everyone on our planet. It pays off to think long-term instead of short-term.

πŸƒ Food and garden

Currently I am living with my parents and eating vegan or plant-based food while trying my best to choose as ecological and local a produce as I can. I think this is the model for future societies. During 2017 I obtained all my food from a garden i cultivated myself, and whatever grew locally around, such as fruits, berries and mushrooms. I irrigated the plants mostly with collected rainwater and employed a 3-stage compost system collecting organic material from the plants and other activities, along with waste from my body.

β™» Furniture and tools

I like to re-purpose and recycle materials for decoration, equipment, furniture and tools.


Instagram account with posts of food, partly from my time experimenting with sustainable living in the Basque Country