Home and travel


I believe in investing in sustainable energy production gives benefits to everyone on this planet. Thinking long-term instead of short-term pays off.

My personal goal is to as soon as possible live in a home powered by mainly wind and solar energy, until an even more efficient and clean energy sources are discovered.

Food and garden

I have lived for periods obtaining all my food from a garden i cultivated myself, and whatever grew locally around, such as fruits, berries and mushrooms. I irrigated the plants mostly with collected rainwater and employed a 3-stage compost system collecting organic material from the plants and other activities, along with waste from my body.

I think this is the model for future societies.

Currently I am living with my parents and eating vegan or plantbased food while trying my best to choose as ecological and local a produce as I can.

Furniture and tools

I like to re-purpose and recycle materials for decoration, equipment, furniture and tools.


At the moment I walk, bike and sometimes take the bus or train. I also fly in airplanes and ride in my parents fossile fueled car when needed. I would prefer riding an electric motorbike instead. But first, I need to get a motorbike license.

By taking advantage of internet and telephones for communication and other services, travel using old polluting transports can often be avoided.

I would like to travel in a peaceful and sustainable world, free of borders, war and struggle. Hopefully we can see such a world soon. It means that we need to make a real effort of changing our lifestyles.

I also dream of

  • Propellerless ships which do not harm the sea life
  • Cleaner and more silent airships or airplanes. These could use hydrogen electrolyzed from seawater as fuel. The hydrogen could either be ignited in a jet engine or turned into helium in a fusion reactor, where the extra heat would be converted into electricity inducing a local anti-gravity field.