Worried about survival? Don’t!

First, some personal experiences.

Early 2016 I let go of almost all past relationships and belongings and during that process I found a power within and outside of myself which I had never experienced before in my life. I had followed along with self-actualization for perhaps one year to and fro at that point. It was as if all of reality was a gigantic surf wave pushing me forward to higher and higher states of perfect alignment, awareness and consciousness. And this just stemmed from making a few personal plans for what I wanted to become and do the coming year.

At the same time, I could sense that even if I let go of all those amazing plans, I would still be perfectly ok, actually, even happier (there was a strange inviting sense of the complete unknown)! It was not based on anything else than the sense of perfect being/samadhi, a union in unconditional love with all of reality, that if you actually really really really let go, you are never in any trouble. Later on when following my daily meditation plan very strictly, I found myself just as Leo Gura describes it in some videos, that getting so many astounding insights during meditation was even getting in the way of the purpose of the meditation itself!

Now, all of these plans I made did not come into fruition, and my surf-wave eventually ebbed out. But thanks to so many new insights gained during this time from all kinds of lovely ‘mind-fucks’ I have realized quite a few things.

One of these which will perhaps sound really counter-intuitive is this:

The need to eat is just a limiting belief! There is actually no worry about having to fight for survival at all.

That said, I think it is fine to go along with your ego, make a stable plan, allow yourself to feel great about it!

While staying attached to food, i recommend the following

  • Green leafy vegetables, algae, nuts, seeds, legumes and low-sugar fruits high in vitamins (such as avocado).
  • Chewing properly and mindful eating of pre-planned portions.
  • A regular but varied workout (balance strength, cardio, agility and flexibility)
  • Daily meditation at the same time and place for at least 20 minutes.

If you follow this strictly you will seem superhuman in a very short time, and, by gradually decreasing the amount of food intake you should eventually find out that eating is no longer needed. The body will come into such an extremely well-balanced state that even water is superfluous.