Self-made realities

I have for quite a while lived with the insight and experience that a being with a determined mind can change ALL rules of its experienced existence. I applied it in a practical experiment on myself. I set the rule that my functional capacities would stay constant with neither sleep nor food. It worked by applying regular meditation ‘resets’. I experienced neither tiredness nor hunger for many days. In the end, it felt a bit alienating, and I didn’t pursue these possibilities further. I feel both our inner work and the work we can do for others somehow take precedence over pursuing too extreme game changes. An appropriate comparison from fiction might be how in the Lord of the Rings, both Galadriel and Gandalf refuses to take on the ring of ultimate power, afraid of what they would become, being limitless. Extreme changes create a lot of experiential ‘bouncing’, that is, places and circumstances become extremely contrasting in very short time frames. Still, I experienced a period of amazing and interesting new discoveries.

Just going between a home I live in, and a new home I moved to during a few days was like stepping through portals between different worlds. It has took a bit of time for to calibrate or balance my state of being in that process. Looking back, I see that this is how life has always been, only I was not aware how related ones own level of consciousness is to it. With the unconscious mind in command, the rules of reality does not change, and knowledge, insights and experiences to be able to observe, understand and change life beyond the surface do not appear.

Another positive experience I had was a completely new sense of effortless flow. The boundary between thoughts and the rest of the world had in a sense dissolved and I was united with the universal intelligence. All hesitation and doubt was completely absent from every tasks I performed and when switching between them. Any item, idea and even person showed up exactly when needed. Everything was completely unplanned in the typical sense of using a calendar or clock, but it still followed a great marvelous rhythm. It was as if I was just going for a long walk without any purpose, except I actually was working on many different projects. This lasted perhaps two days. I doubted myself and it ended.

From my experience of (at least temporarily) being and embodying an ‘enlightened’ person, without a very firm path to follow, is that a kind of ‘reality-wave’ can form. Know that reality is shaped and reflects every belief you hold; you get to freely choose what reality you want to experience. But how do you choose it? Is there actually any right or wrong? Here is a simple example to illustrate perspective possible to take:

  • Believing in the lack of enlightenment in others (or even any lack whatsoever). Now,  if you, yourself are enlightened, you become responsible for helping everything you perceive as not you to know the same truth. You will see and encounter everything you believe to be ‘wrong’ in the world.
  • Believing in everything else being already enlightened, perfect in itself. Accepting everything as it is. You will see your own loving reflection and the experience becomes quite paradisiacal, but it seems to not change or challenge you much. If you and everything else is Buddha, could it be that Buddha becomes bored?

Perhaps an undecided perspective is to be preferred? Being part of an infinite reality, one thing is certain: there are infinite ways to create, learn and improve upon oneself within the experience.