Enlightenment jokes

I hope these can enlighten up your day, by both giving a laugh and teaching something new and profound if you read the pages linked to by the bold text!

But.. we don’t need anything!

Shh… don’t tell anyone, I am having fun making this stuff up

β€” What is the difference between you and I?

β€” We are both empty

β€” What does God do to create the universe?Β  [<- notice the present tense ]

β€” Nothing. God is encompasses subject and object, and so, never does a thing. Lazy bastard!

β€” What is the question to which there is no real answer?

β€” All questions are that question. The answers to all questions are equally unreal

β€” What is the difference between God and a dog?

β€” The letters are reversed.

β€” Then what is the similarity between God and a dog?

β€” Neither actually exist outside the mind

β€” Then why are we talking about God and a dog?

β€” Both point to nothing

β€” Why do you never finish anything?

β€” There is no thing that can be finished. And no time in which to finish it

β€” Why is the poorest the richest?

β€” To have nothing is to be the source of creation

β€” Where are you going?

β€” To work

β€” What do you do?

β€” Nothing

β€” Seriously?

β€” There is nothing else to do. It is all that ever happens

β€” I just discovered I am not a human being!

β€” Then what kind of organism are you?

β€” An organ of Truth, an ambassador of nothing

β€” Is there a sphericalΒ Minecraft?

β€” Yes, you are in it!

note: Minecraft is an immensely popular (over 100 million copies sold) sand-boxed based video game based on placing 3D-blocks