Life as a game, you as the player

It was an ordinary evening a few years ago, I was playing the immensely popular computer game Minecraft, digging for treasures and building materials and avoiding or fighting monsters. A game I had played for countless hours, beaten and then coming back to again for more. Then suddenly it dawned upon me. My emotional state controlled what I was encountering in the game. If I let go completely of my preconceived notion of the monsters in the game as hostile, they changed behavior and became passive and didn’t attack my player character. I tried this concept with another computer game, the real-time-strategy game Starcraft II. The opponent would never attack until my first hostile thought or frightened emotion occurred, and by being conscious of it, I could control it. It felt surreal for me at the time, as well as it might seem for some of you reading this, but I encourage you to explore this. This is part of the real power of thought, mind and consciousness! For me it was a beginning of a journey where I realized that I wanted to use my energy to be more creative and contribute to the world I live in, instead of a passive, unconscious consumer. Have you ever had a similar experience?

Set your game mode from survival to peaceful, and explore the universe in new ways!