Summary of profound experiences, 2017

This is a summary of very unique and rare experiences, published with the purpose of making them possible for others to experience as well. They are so unusual that even as I am writing them down I can hardly believe some of them actually occurred, but, they did, and they are possible to experience for anyone due to the infinite nature of reality and consciousness. To have them, a completely open mind is necessary, questioning deeply the nature of all thoughts and beliefs contradicting the possibility of these occurring. If that is very hard, implementing a regular mindfulness and meditation practice can help. This is highly individual.

The list

  • Completely letting go as a way of receiving any requested information instantly and directly into the brain about anything
  • Knowing each new manifestation of appearances as self-generated (and knowing its trail back in time)
  • Knowing and recognizing the mutual generation of own life and the history of the “outside” world/universe as one and the same. No events more/less significant, total butterfly effect.
  • Knowing all experience as mystical; unconsciousness within familiarity and repetition dulls the perception and interpretation to make it seem otherwise, that is the nature of all habitual/addictional action with lack of mindfulness. The depths of what is habit and addiction goes much deeper than what is commonly referred to as such. This includes ANY unconscious act, such as not being aware of how one ties a shoelace, or answering a phone call because of the ringtone. In full consciousness, you are completely aware of the call and the caller being created in the very moment, BY YOURSELF.
  • Knowing truth and truthfulness as the only real and lasting; all presumed lies or secrets are only temporarily created by an illusory self, which forgets its totality of being and thus acting as if there were various sides to reality.
  • Direct communication/dissolution of thoughts as within the all-encompassing Self only; by direct thought questioning and answering, interchanging information with any other “external” entities. For example, during a video stream, which one ‘normally’ assumes to be pre-recorded, thought (as observed to be impersonal by accessing presence and higher consciousness) can interact directly with the content in the right frame of mind. This would perhaps be referred to as telepathy. But any other form; objects, animals, people, text, wind, weather, all are within the same consciousness and can be similarly sensed, interacted directly with and also be observed as phenomena intrinsically related to movements of the mind.
  • Complete dissolution of attachment to body and sensory perception, knowing total bliss and the needlessness of continuing life.
  • Knowing any imaginable experience to be possible to be experienced as real. Thus knowing unboundedness in creation and freedom to direct life (as in the infinite experience) to any goal or point within the infinitely infinite field of possibilities.
  • Knowing that creating past and future attachments (for example scheduling appointments) are one of the illusory self’s (the mind’s) way of escaping self-realization, or true being within reality, by clinging to old information and identity.
  • Knowing the possibility of ‘re-enactment’ of any past experience, all the way to infancy, in new appearances. Related to this state, personalities are can also be completely arbitrarily projected on perceived selves and others.
  • Knowing the danger of creating new falsehood or un-truth in reality when describing what is happening, either in thought or action. Talking or even thinking about something one is going to do, or thinking that one knows something, unless 100% certain of it in that moment, takes one off the path of relative truth and re-establishes illusion.
  • Knowing that truth in words are actually not the words themselves, but more fundamental energies of alignment within reality in the present moment. Thus truth is not about examining a statement of the past with some present circumstances, it is about the current state of being of oneself together with ones circumstances.


Note that the apparent truth/falsehood and also level of understanding of these descriptions depends heavily on the level of consciousness reading them.
Also, note that knowing in all these statements refers to actually directly experiencing, not to being able to state the experience in a sentence. As some sayings go: “The finger points to the moon, don’t confuse the finger with the moon” or “Don’t confuse the map with the territory”.