Did you know?

that there are still a few humans left on this planet who eat the flesh of other sentient beings even though it causes a great deal of suffering to trapped and enslaved beings, ending in their death? They might be doing it either out of habit, out of fear of being different, out of tradition or out of emotional numbness. If you happen to see any of these humans, please kindly help them to understand what they are doing.

Truly knowing the suffering and death of the beings they eat is enough to make any human stop, but this might require connecting with true inner values such as love and at the same time facing reality. This can be difficult, so here are some other facts which might help turn them in the right direction.

  • They can decrease their risk of getting cancer and also many other common illnesses vastly by changing to plant based foods
  • The have superior protein sources available from plants
  • They can radically reduce their ecological footprint by becoming vegetarian, and more by becoming vegan
  • They might be contributing to mass extinction of many wild species
  • They are contributing to excessive amounts of pollution with their current habit
  • Their current food source consumes around a 100-fold more fresh water to be produced
  • Their current food source leads to deforestation
  • There are large groups of people and communities freely providing help for anyone who wants to change

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