Crazy Ideas

Automate job applications!

Write a script that adapts the CV for the relevant job, and sends the CV with links to relevant info stored on this website.

Influence the influencers

Send useful ideas to influential people, refer them to articles/pages on the site

Optimal blog post clock/calendar

This could be made as a cool matrix of emojis, showing the most typical activity of people in the 24 time zones: Breakfast, Work, Lunch, Work, Dinner, Socializing, Sleeping. It could use flags to show the countries of the time zones.

If we want to post a poem to be read in Japan in the morning at 7 in Kyoto, it should be shown in the evening at 11.

If the local time in Sweden is Saturday 1 P.M. it could show a lunchbox, and since it would be 7 A.M. EST in U.S it could show a green tea or breakfast bowl. It could also show a link symbol in that time zone to show that this is a good time to post to get links.

On Mondays to Thursdays, it could show a ‘share’ icon.

On Mondays at the time zone which is currently in 11 it could show a traffic light with green to indicate that it is a good time to get traffic from that zone.