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GOSitS is an algebraic/symbolic solver for global optimization solver written in object-oriented MATLAB code. It has not reached release status as of date.


tomEval compares and evaluates optimization solver performances over standard test collections. Written in object-oriented MATLAB code the user is able to select solvers and problem collections, run tests and view the results with a few simple commands.

ecpMINLP and stoaMINLP

ecpMINLP and stoaMINLP are two solvers for mixed integer nonlinear programming. They are written in standard procedural MATLAB code. The solvers take advantage of other state-of-the-art solvers for nonlinear and linear programming available within the optimization environment TOMLAB and are sold as part of the solver package /MIPNLP.

for Stampy


Audio-based Digital Information Transfer. A protocol for sending a short data sequence of a few bytes as high-frequency sounds between mobile devices. It was partly developed in Matlab, then implemented in Java and reached a fairly workable status. An unsolved problem was that the sound was still audible, contrary to the goal of the project, and as far I know the code was never included in any finished product.

as a hobby

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