New month

Feeling the shift from last month, which was very hectic. Now I have the opportunity to plan ahead a bit more. Already an art commission in the making, and a potential other one for music thanks to participating in one of the two Halloween themed contests held on on Planet Minecraft this year. Feeling slightly … Continue reading New month

Digital Expansion: Food, Pumpkin-House, Poetry and Visions of a Better Future

This day I planned using a compressed version of this cool schedule/script I am working on called JSuSCH²R (name is just a coincidence, not deliberate AT ALL!!)  🤣 Even so, I am sure Jesus gives his blessings. Since I started at 11 A.M instead of at 7, all hours got compressed to 45 minutes. In … Continue reading Digital Expansion: Food, Pumpkin-House, Poetry and Visions of a Better Future

Sewing and shower

After a few nights of coding I was smelly and without any clean underwear! Confidential sewing machine XD I borrowed my mothers magical sewing machine, it has a retro look but runs smooth like a spaceship from a slick Sci-Fi movie. Underwear with hole in crotch I started sewing without using any assisting needles to … Continue reading Sewing and shower

Nightly work and a calm day at home

Night I spent almost all the night working on various ideas. I also browsed the web to plan for my future. Programming for the future! To start with I for creating a program which takes genealogy data and creates a visualization of human relationships. I would like the program to be capable of reading data … Continue reading Nightly work and a calm day at home

New art – Moon Wish

I created this piece a few days ago and just added it to the art-section of my web site Click here to read more about it I am gradually adding descriptions of each featured piece, my thoughts and inspiration behind them and details on the materials and creation process. For a while I considered creating … Continue reading New art – Moon Wish