What is God?

Few people seem to understand what God really is. Perhaps especially religious people, but maybe also scientifically minded people, because they are so locked into thinking, 'oh, if we don't have proof, we can't be sure it exists'. So forget every story about god told by any religion. God is infinitely infinite and by that … Continue reading What is God?

Yoga, brunch and photo walk

Yesterday I read a bit in Ashtanga Yoga by David Swenson and found some useful things to add to my practice. To start with, one can use a dedicated cloth on the typical rubber yoga mats. It will keep the practice more hygienic since the cloth is simple to wash. I used my bed sheet … Continue reading Yoga, brunch and photo walk

A new building concept

Today I designed a unique architectural concept for future cities. Each unit has self sustainable energy but interconnected grids separate traffic and pedestrian levels It is scalable in size from family/single business to mammoth size (think larger than Burj Dubai) in access points from 1 to as many as needed It has space and optimal … Continue reading A new building concept

Awareness Practice

Starting by watching the breath. Gently bring mind back to it when it wanders. Allow yourself to be joyful, love and be loved unconditionally. Let the body feel and move with energy of the place. Notice everything you don't think is important. Notice that the idea of inside is dependent on there being an outside. … Continue reading Awareness Practice