Lunch a chilly late autumn day, plus some sewing!

I prepared chick pea soup for lunch today. Soup is great for warming up an inactive body as mine has been lately. It is getting pretty chilly here in Sweden!! 🌬☁ I cooked a whole container, first letting the peas rest in cold water for 8 hours to soften. Cooking a larger batch is more … Continue reading Lunch a chilly late autumn day, plus some sewing!

Sewing and shower

After a few nights of coding I was smelly and without any clean underwear! Confidential sewing machine XD I borrowed my mothers magical sewing machine, it has a retro look but runs smooth like a spaceship from a slick Sci-Fi movie. Underwear with hole in crotch I started sewing without using any assisting needles to … Continue reading Sewing and shower

Reclaim your keyboard! (and your fingers)

  The most common keyboard layout, often referred to as QWERTY, comes from one of the early typewriter models, over 140 years ago. From being part of a tool only used in certain professions it is now something almost everyone uses daily. The QWERTY layout grew out of necessity and convenience during the early stages … Continue reading Reclaim your keyboard! (and your fingers)