Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder

This blog post starts out mundane, but as we get longer into Sunday it becomes very profound. Saturday Part I  of this weeks b³O video part II of this weeks b³O video On Saturday I worked almost the whole day bringing you the two episodes above. Then I streamed briefly on Twitch, replacing the … Continue reading Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder

Vegan dinner for chakras, closeup of kelp noodles, chia seeds and mint

Managing Monday

Morning Practicing Gratitude I woke up really late, at 10. But since I wore socks and pajamas pants, leaving bed was not a problem. I had wanted to apply for a job between 7 and 8 in the morning, but since I had disrupted the schedule I had planned, I felt reluctant against doing anything! … Continue reading Managing Monday

How to Continuously Strike Knowledge Gold!

or diamonds, or platinum, or whatever word pointing to the most valuable material we can conceive of. What am I talking about? I am talking about having a common-place book (or CPB as I like to abbreviate it). I recently regained access to the one I created it using OneNote 2016 on the after taking … Continue reading How to Continuously Strike Knowledge Gold!