A fruit 🍌🍐 face 😋 for dinner!

Grapes, kiwi, banana, cashew nuts and more
Closeup of fruity vegan goodness

Since I moved back to Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 from the autonomous basque region (🏴󠁥󠁳󠁰󠁶󠁿 no emoji/unicode flag, damnit!) in northern Spain 🇪🇸 I feel like my chances of finding new vegan options for cooking have increased 10-fold, if not more! 😍 The Basque and Spanish cuisine has a very healthy base, but the development from rural to industrial society took place much later there, and perhaps because of this, the percentage of vegetarians/vegans is lower. There are so many new vegan shops and restaurants in Sweden since I left, over three years ago!

I am finding them with the HappyCow app 🐮, and flagging the best as ‘want to go’ in Google Maps! I hope to tick them off very slowly.. I don’t want to stop cooking myself!

I mostly look for new exciting ingredients to incorporate in my cooking and diet (preferably organically grown as nearby as possible, and well adapted to the local climate)

Today, however, I used mostly imported goods. After biking over 50 km, I needed a large plate!

Let’s get on with the food!!!

First I added salad and veggies, made by my mother 🙏🙆🙌

  • rucola, avocado and tomatoes (if I remember right)
  • carrots and mushrooms (champignons) cooked in coconut cream.

I wanted more proteins after the long bike ride and opened a carton box of precooked beans. I expanded the salad with them along with walnuts and cashew nuts

Then I fried sliced natural tofu in coconut oil, adding a bit of liquid from the box of beans

There was a lot of sauce left in the pan, I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I sliced soft bread to suck it up with. On the bread put sliced cucumber.

I love making plates with starter, main course and dessert all in one. Grapes sliced in half as a circumference. Then, a sliced pear filled in the two places where the plate was still visible.

Mighty hungry, I still wanted to add more! I sliced half a banana 🍌 but didn’t know where to put it! 🙄 Now, since I had to stop and think for a bit. 🤔 What started as a ‘just throw that food on and let me gorge on it!’ changed direction towards culinary art work. Or face food. I don’t know, face it!

The banana became a mouth.. The mouth needed teeth, then nose, moustache, eyes, hair and freckles followed. Or.. I craved chocolate, crackers, kiwi 👹, and my mother suggested chia seeds for omega acids and I thought flaxseeds shouldn’t harm me either (100g has 18g proteins, 25% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B-6 and calcium. Plus, 98%! for magnesium and 31% for iron).

Here is the result

I know its far from a masterpiece, but the drink has a meditative air or flair.

Oh. The drink. I mixed almond milk and blueberry juice in a high glass!

The next post will be about sustainable transport and shopping for the future, thinking long-term, I will show you the outcome of my first long bike ride in years! Until then, feel free to comment and share this post with your friends! 🤗

Enlightenment jokes

I hope these can enlighten up your day

But.. we don’t need anything!

Shh… don’t tell anyone, I am having too much fun making this stuff up

— Why is it impossible to stop?

— Because you never move

— What is the difference between you and I?

— We are both empty

— What does God do to create the universe?  [<- notice the present tense ]

— Nothing. God is both subject and object, never does a thing. Lazy bastard!

— What is the question to which there is no real answer?

— All questions are that question. The answers of all questions are equally unreal

— What is the difference between God and a dog?

— The letters are reversed.

— Then what is the similarity between God and a dog?

— Neither actually exist outside the mind

— Then why are we talking about God and a dog?

— Both point to nothing

— Why do you never finish anything?

— There is no thing that can be finished. And no time in which to finish it

— Why is the poorest the richest?

— To have nothing is to have the source of creation

— Where are you going?

— To work

— What do you do?

— Nothing

— Seriously?

— There is nothing else to do. It is all that ever happens

— I just discovered I am not a human being!

— Then what kind of organism are you?

— An organ of Truth, an ambassador of nothing

— Is there a spherical Minecraft?

— Yes, you are in it!

note: Minecraft is an immensely popular (over 100 million copies sold) sand-boxed based video game based on placing 3D-blocks