Winter is heavy — but we can lighten it up

Back in Sweden after three years in northern Spain I had forgotten how REAL winter depression is at these northern latitudes! So off the top of my head, I begun a list of things to fight it off: Be friendly with yourself and othersConnect with natureDecide to be happyDrink fresh waterEat vitamin-rich foods. Berries, fruits … Continue reading Winter is heavy — but we can lighten it up

Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder

This blog post starts out mundane, but as we get longer into Sunday it becomes very profound. Saturday Part I  of this weeks b³O video part II of this weeks b³O video On Saturday I worked almost the whole day bringing you the two episodes above. Then I streamed briefly on Twitch, replacing the … Continue reading Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder


Road to Recovery Continued Yoga was the first thing I did today. Then the scheduled visit to the Social Agency where I met with two delightfully friendly and helpful people (who unfortunately didn't want to appear on photographs). At least I have the luminous reception to show you! My father also joined me, being very … Continue reading Thursday

Let’s Learn: How to Create Memorable Secure Passwords That Look Like Art!

We are often asked to use special characters. But this doesn't help us remember them! A neat solution to this dilemma is to replace letters with symbols having a visual similarity, and you will feel and recognize the proper word in the password when its written. Some simple letters to replace S with $, O … Continue reading Let’s Learn: How to Create Memorable Secure Passwords That Look Like Art!

CV Template

I added a standard CV template to this web page: I also added Swedish and Spanish translations To fill it in, replace the headers, or write underneath them. I recommend copying just the HTML-code. Then you can format and publish in however and wherever you want. Just remember to replace the title … Continue reading CV Template

Vegan tapas for a light lunch

Today I wanted a vegan yogurt for breakfast, but had only soy milk. However, I did have soy milk! So why not experiment! Let's start with some pictures from the mess I made I heated the milk in a pot to thicken it a bit. I began on medium heat and then lowered to 20% … Continue reading Vegan tapas for a light lunch

Lunch a chilly late autumn day, plus some sewing!

I prepared chick pea soup for lunch today. Soup is great for warming up an inactive body as mine has been lately. It is getting pretty chilly here in Sweden!! 🌬☁ I cooked a whole container, first letting the peas rest in cold water for 8 hours to soften. Cooking a larger batch is more … Continue reading Lunch a chilly late autumn day, plus some sewing!

Sewing and shower

After a few nights of coding I was smelly and without any clean underwear! Confidential sewing machine XD I borrowed my mothers magical sewing machine, it has a retro look but runs smooth like a spaceship from a slick Sci-Fi movie. Underwear with hole in crotch I started sewing without using any assisting needles to … Continue reading Sewing and shower

Awareness Practice

Starting by watching the breath. Gently bring mind back to it when it wanders. Allow yourself to be joyful, love and be loved unconditionally. Let the body feel and move with energy of the place. Notice everything you don't think is important. Notice that the idea of inside is dependent on there being an outside. … Continue reading Awareness Practice

Reclaim your keyboard! (and your fingers)

  The most common keyboard layout, often referred to as QWERTY, comes from one of the early typewriter models, over 140 years ago. From being part of a tool only used in certain professions it is now something almost everyone uses daily. The QWERTY layout grew out of necessity and convenience during the early stages … Continue reading Reclaim your keyboard! (and your fingers)