A chronicle of my life from a health perspective in relation to diet

Diseases and health problems growing up as non-vegan/omnivore/carnist, whatever we want to call it: measlesotitisappendicitispneumoniasevere acneheadachessalmonellainflammatory bowel disease, supposedly for lifepsychosis (after hormonal treatment of above disease)regular flusregular colds As a vegetarian flu and colds annually around New Years until I quit drinking alcohol Now my diseases as vegan, non-drinker, non-smoker none Instead, inexplicable spurs … Continue reading A chronicle of my life from a health perspective in relation to diet

Snowy Jog / Run and Green Brunch

Today I went out jogging but came back running. I measured the path approximately when I came back: https://www.distansen.se/?route=bDzFu It seems I lasted for about 3 km. Now I have a track I can run with a timer. The area have plenty of fun trails, tracks and roads with slopes. The forest is also full … Continue reading Snowy Jog / Run and Green Brunch

A vitamin boost before the new year

Here's what I bought at the supermarket today. I will go through the items in the photo below from left to right, and changing rows from top to bottom. First in the top left we got frozen hawthorn and blueberries, both ecological and grown in the same country I bought them which is ... Sweden! … Continue reading A vitamin boost before the new year

To B12 or not to B12 …

Today I was offered supplements of vitamin B12, since my levels were in the lower range at my last blood test. At was tempted to take them, but I my intuition told me to do some more research first. I began by looking at the company producing the supplements. Reading their statements about B12. They … Continue reading To B12 or not to B12 …

Fly agaric — amanita muscaria

Magic Mushroom Monday

Today I Was very close to a full enlightenment experience similar to what I had in 2017 Did yoga Ate only chickpeas and apples Shouted more than I ever recall in my whole life Took a walk in the forest and ate a small bit of Amanita muscaria, a mushroom. Supposedly poisonous, it had no … Continue reading Magic Mushroom Monday


Road to Recovery Continued Yoga was the first thing I did today. Then the scheduled visit to the Social Agency where I met with two delightfully friendly and helpful people (who unfortunately didn't want to appear on photographs). At least I have the luminous reception to show you! My father also joined me, being very … Continue reading Thursday

Wakeful Wednesday

At noon after waking up I performed a peaceful yoga session without any planned program. Opening the hips first laying in bed, one leg at a time, and then on the yoga mat in a relaxed cobra led to a sense of total acceptance of my life situation. Not feeling any pressure of it having … Continue reading Wakeful Wednesday

Vegan dinner for chakras, closeup of kelp noodles, chia seeds and mint

Managing Monday

Morning Practicing Gratitude I woke up really late, at 10. But since I wore socks and pajamas pants, leaving bed was not a problem. I had wanted to apply for a job between 7 and 8 in the morning, but since I had disrupted the schedule I had planned, I felt reluctant against doing anything! … Continue reading Managing Monday

Format Friday

Today's blog post is divided into two main parts: DiaryAdditional Topics What do you think about this? I try my best to facilitate reading by creating interest specific sections. If only I could insert a block with a wiki-styled quick link index! Diary Calmed Confusion A thing that helped me a lot yesterday night was … Continue reading Format Friday

Biking and Walking • Website updates • Dinner

Yesterday I biked 6.6 km to a nearby overgrown lake called Angarnssjöängen. It is a beautiful natural reserve with a 6.5 km long marked trail around it. Signs at the beginningAnother directionAngarnssjöängen Walking and occasionally jogging I met quite a few people. During the latter part of the first half I walked behind a photographer … Continue reading Biking and Walking • Website updates • Dinner