A vitamin boost before the new year

Here's what I bought at the supermarket today. I will go through the items in the photo below from left to right, and changing rows from top to bottom. First in the top left we got frozen hawthorn and blueberries, both ecological and grown in the same country I bought them which is ... Sweden! … Continue reading A vitamin boost before the new year

… Hummus? • Language practice • Colorful Commission • 432 Hz vs 440 Hz tuning

I've had a weird eating and sleeping pattern lately: Fasting all the time until around 8-9 o'clock in the evening, and then eating a lot and sleeping until almost noon. Trying to change this, I forced myself to eat earlier today, around 11-12 and then again at 4 in the afternoon. To eat, I made … Continue reading … Hummus? • Language practice • Colorful Commission • 432 Hz vs 440 Hz tuning

Willfully Wondrous Wednesday

How I managed this day was a long gratitude meditation, speeding through my life from baby to 30+, viewing as many people I met as I could through my mind's eye, followed by a strong determination meditation, focusing on a strange sensation in my left groin (I suspect vaccines but have no proof) which has … Continue reading Willfully Wondrous Wednesday

Lakeside photos • The ultimate nut & berry taste combo? • We all deserve love • Profound Eating Exercise

Lakeside photos Walking to the lake again today, taking pictures with my FairPhone2. It is the only properly modular cellphone I know. Kick-ass. I look forward to this becoming industry standard eventually. I found a solar-powered Canadian laptop (http://store.solaptop.com/ ) but I'm unsure about its upgradability/modularity. Neither do the company say anything about the ethics … Continue reading Lakeside photos • The ultimate nut & berry taste combo? • We all deserve love • Profound Eating Exercise

Contrasting symbolic and nonsymbolic reality — A conceptual sketch

This model particularly focuses on the imaginary limitations of the "human mind", as perceived while "in it" and can serve as a loose guide to look "outside it". sketch of a model of reality Something to right side of to the axis of meaning (on morality), partly written in other notes: "has to be meaningful/good", … Continue reading Contrasting symbolic and nonsymbolic reality — A conceptual sketch

Mani(c) Monday

This morning I had the second round of cleaning up my teeth from the abandoned bracers. My dentist Mani and his assistant did a great job. I did too, not freaking out at all =D. Not ready for Bollywood, but you should have seen them before =D After getting my teeth professionally drilled, grinded and … Continue reading Mani(c) Monday

Balanced Breakfast/Brunch

I love this wooden tray Today's brunch (equally perfect for breakfast) was extraordinarily yummy and nutritionally well balanced, so here's the recipe: Ingredients Dry green tea leaves½ a fig7 peeled peanuts (3-4 with peel)3 walnuts10-12 cashew nutsa tablespoon cocoa flakes Fresh ½ apple diced½ pear dicedchunks from a third of a slice of pine applechunks … Continue reading Balanced Breakfast/Brunch

Timeless Tuesday

Curious about Contemplation? As I wrote yesterday, I would go to bed listening to the Quran and then to a mystical text. The Quran was to get as immersed in the Arabic religion as possible, while still letting my mind be open enough to not fall into traps of dividing people into identities, but to … Continue reading Timeless Tuesday

Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder

This blog post starts out mundane, but as we get longer into Sunday it becomes very profound. Saturday https://youtu.be/13zrcAz2Fx4 Part I  of this weeks b³O video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN8J-ghAjSA&t=11s part II of this weeks b³O video On Saturday I worked almost the whole day bringing you the two episodes above. Then I streamed briefly on Twitch, replacing the … Continue reading Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder

ProFoundational Friday

From binge to infinity and back Follow me along a train of thought. After eating just enough breakfast, the craving. An onslaught of desire for bread, seeds and peanut butter. First guilt,  but then, knowing it leads nowhere, acceptance into higher awareness. Observing the physical actions: Still filling up the stomach. Now sensing each taste … Continue reading ProFoundational Friday