Snowy Jog / Run and Green Brunch

Today I went out jogging but came back running. I measured the path approximately when I came back: It seems I lasted for about 3 km. Now I have a track I can run with a timer. The area have plenty of fun trails, tracks and roads with slopes. The forest is also full … Continue reading Snowy Jog / Run and Green Brunch

Balanced Breakfast/Brunch

I love this wooden tray Today's brunch (equally perfect for breakfast) was extraordinarily yummy and nutritionally well balanced, so here's the recipe: Ingredients Dry green tea leaves½ a fig7 peeled peanuts (3-4 with peel)3 walnuts10-12 cashew nutsa tablespoon cocoa flakes Fresh ½ apple diced½ pear dicedchunks from a third of a slice of pine applechunks … Continue reading Balanced Breakfast/Brunch

Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder

This blog post starts out mundane, but as we get longer into Sunday it becomes very profound. Saturday Part I  of this weeks b³O video part II of this weeks b³O video On Saturday I worked almost the whole day bringing you the two episodes above. Then I streamed briefly on Twitch, replacing the … Continue reading Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder

Scheduled for Success

I woke up between 7 and 9, had a nice time meditating while in bed, but fell asleep again. My father gently woke me up. Then I wrote a schedule for the day, influenced by this infogram I read the day before. It divides the day in categories; sleep, exercise, making ends meet, primary work, … Continue reading Scheduled for Success

Vegan tapas for a light lunch

Today I wanted a vegan yogurt for breakfast, but had only soy milk. However, I did have soy milk! So why not experiment! Let's start with some pictures from the mess I made I heated the milk in a pot to thicken it a bit. I began on medium heat and then lowered to 20% … Continue reading Vegan tapas for a light lunch

Yoga, brunch and photo walk

Yesterday I read a bit in Ashtanga Yoga by David Swenson and found some useful things to add to my practice. To start with, one can use a dedicated cloth on the typical rubber yoga mats. It will keep the practice more hygienic since the cloth is simple to wash. I used my bed sheet … Continue reading Yoga, brunch and photo walk