8th time with AV and the Cube of Truth • A journal of an animal activist

Since the beginning of February this year I have been volunteering for Anonymous for the Voiceless. AV as it is often called in short, is truly a phenomena, an animal rights movement which has grown over the last years to now organize weekly events in over 900 cities all around the world. The number of … Continue reading 8th time with AV and the Cube of Truth • A journal of an animal activist

Trunk of Common Aspen

Tree Trunks and Life Advice

I had planned to visit VegoForum in Stockholm today. VegoForum is an annual event with businesses and organizations related to veganism organized by. But I slept a few hours instead after working the whole night with updating the opening post for the Minecraft survival world b³O on the Minecraft forums. In the afternoon I walked … Continue reading Tree Trunks and Life Advice

Sunday activism

Today was my third time in the Cube of Truth with Anonymous for the Voiceless and my first time doing outreach. I learned a lot from listening to other more experienced activists. In a beautiful moment was given the opportunity to speak with a girl who is now taking veganism seriously just like I started … Continue reading Sunday activism

Shopping sustainable vegan art supplies and outfit

Who was the hero in this journey? Well it was me, your blogger who faced the chilly winter land of Stockholm yesterday, and today has taken photos to document what came out of it. In no way affiliated, paid or sponsored for displaying any of the products below, I simply enjoy them and what they … Continue reading Shopping sustainable vegan art supplies and outfit

Timeless Tuesday

Curious about Contemplation? As I wrote yesterday, I would go to bed listening to the Quran and then to a mystical text. The Quran was to get as immersed in the Arabic religion as possible, while still letting my mind be open enough to not fall into traps of dividing people into identities, but to … Continue reading Timeless Tuesday

Scheduled for Success

I woke up between 7 and 9, had a nice time meditating while in bed, but fell asleep again. My father gently woke me up. Then I wrote a schedule for the day, influenced by this infogram I read the day before. It divides the day in categories; sleep, exercise, making ends meet, primary work, … Continue reading Scheduled for Success

A magical game world by a mining mastermind (interview)

"A pen and paper is all we needto win our battlesand craft our creedto leave us speechless soft and tenderwhile we wait for Minecraft to render"— AvionPhoton Today we are interviewing Avión Photon, the creator of the Minecraft Survival World b³O, pronounced 'be-three-O'. Let's see what lurks inside this creative innovative mind. How did b³O … Continue reading A magical game world by a mining mastermind (interview)

Four Fancy Fings for Fabricaring Finger Food with Frozen Fingers!

I bought these at the Adis Gladis A+:), a mecca 🕋 for sustainable, vegan shopping. Chose to visit the offline store and was exalted! Friendly shop staff, explaines all the pros and cons of the products I was interested in and assisted me in making a great choice. I wanted something to last and invested … Continue reading Four Fancy Fings for Fabricaring Finger Food with Frozen Fingers!

A new building concept

Today I designed a unique architectural concept for future cities. Each unit has self sustainable energy but interconnected grids separate traffic and pedestrian levels It is scalable in size from family/single business to mammoth size (think larger than Burj Dubai) in access points from 1 to as many as needed It has space and optimal … Continue reading A new building concept

Cabbage salad with spirulina paste

Among the ingredients are also dried orange peel carrot leaves chia seeds radish All except the chia seeds, oranges, spirulina have been grown in my garden. There is no recipe for this, I am clearing out photos stored on my hard drive. I hope the photos still can give some ideas. If you still want … Continue reading Cabbage salad with spirulina paste