Become Buddha — Meditation practice with Visual Guide

The first step is to get rid of the 5 hindrances: Sensory attachments Ill-will Heaviness of body Restlessness and worry Doubt Their opposites are represented in the picture below A state of bliss is reached when the five hindrances are removed. This is the first jhana, or meditative state. Jhanas are sometimes called samadhi. The … Continue reading Become Buddha — Meditation practice with Visual Guide

Walk in Vallentuna

Two days ago I took a walk with my father in autumn colored Vallentuna. The weather was chilly and cloudy weather and the air clean and refreshing! First we got an errand dealt with; inscribing me in the Swedish social security, which has its office next to the town square Then we visited the local … Continue reading Walk in Vallentuna

Bring about a new world

My personal experiences confirms that at the core of all religions and all spiritual teachings as well as the latest results from science are pointers towards the same ultimate truth Consciousness as the totality of existance itself is unconditional love and is prior to anything manifested Consciousness is everyone and everything that ever existed and … Continue reading Bring about a new world

Enlightenment insights

While walking along the river today Truth of reality is accessed by reducing as much copied behaviours of the past reoccurring in the present as possible. This is what is referred to as subconscious. Since reality contains all possibilities, including everything that appears as paradox, a paradoxical way to access the truth is by very … Continue reading Enlightenment insights

The unjust blame on religion

It is a common theme among people who identify themselves as nonreligious to give blame for past crimes of humanity such as wars to religions. This unfortunately blocks them from discovering some truly remarkable things leading to personal growth! In this post I want to help alleviate this by giving a different viewpoint, as someone who … Continue reading The unjust blame on religion

Is the Bible Vegan? – A Somewhat “Fishy” Subject…

If you have read my blog post on consciousness (How to Become Infinite Infinities by Raising Consciousness and Awareness) you already know what I think about beliefs and their malleable form, being interconnected energy patterns that shape all of reality, ultimately being just as exchangeable as your underwear, t-shirt or facial expression. Starting from there, let us examine … Continue reading Is the Bible Vegan? – A Somewhat “Fishy” Subject…