Saturday in Stockholm

I had some very joyful moments today... When they come I feel that I trust that this life, this moment is good and meant to be. In those moments I can see how some things which seem relatively bad are only so from some certain perspectives, held by those that haven't yet awoken. They might … Continue reading Saturday in Stockholm

Walking the edge of the matrix

To properly prepare for a mystical experience I did this guided meditation by Leo Gura, followed by a short breathing exercise as described in this video by Mantak Chia, and then took a walk outdoors, with the aim to find someplace to read Cicero's letters to Atticus for twenty minutes. I had only walked perhaps … Continue reading Walking the edge of the matrix

Writings partly inspired by Buddhism, talks from Jiddu Krishnamurti and videos by Leo Gura of

How locked is the everyday mind into its usual habits that even the names of common objects pass by the consciousness unnoticed. There is nothing ordinary however about existence, it is ALWAYS here and ALWAYS unfathomably mysterious, ungraspable and infinite. History, culture and reasons, just faint patterns on the tapestry of a miniscule grain in … Continue reading Writings partly inspired by Buddhism, talks from Jiddu Krishnamurti and videos by Leo Gura of

Ascendant Ambiguity Access

I intend to write poetry but often something more ambiguous wants to come out. This time it is a kind of textual journey about being ordinary and yearning to access the mystical. What's the point of being with the in-peopleif not so that when you come back outyou have reached another leveland can teach what … Continue reading Ascendant Ambiguity Access

Throwback Tuesday

I began the morning reordering the joint bedroom and office for a more harmonious environment. Then I had this glorious breakfast color wheel! In the afternoon I began learning node.js and JavaScript in conjunction with finally getting my feet wet in the DaMP project! The first goal is be able to scrape a webpage without … Continue reading Throwback Tuesday