Dream with interpretation • Scheduled day • JSUsCH²R

Dream with interpretation This night I dreamed I was a droid. I was white like polystyrene foam and had colorful fiber-optic connections in my back. But I was turned off, put in a box and discarded. The dream represents how we are treated as objects by ourselves and people around us, not being fully heard, … Continue reading Dream with interpretation • Scheduled day • JSUsCH²R


Road to Recovery Continued Yoga was the first thing I did today. Then the scheduled visit to the Social Agency where I met with two delightfully friendly and helpful people (who unfortunately didn't want to appear on photographs). At least I have the luminous reception to show you! My father also joined me, being very … Continue reading Thursday

New art – Moon Wish

I created this piece a few days ago and just added it to the art-section of my web site Click here to read more about it I am gradually adding descriptions of each featured piece, my thoughts and inspiration behind them and details on the materials and creation process. For a while I considered creating … Continue reading New art – Moon Wish