Format Friday

Today's blog post is divided into two main parts: DiaryAdditional Topics What do you think about this? I try my best to facilitate reading by creating interest specific sections. If only I could insert a block with a wiki-styled quick link index! Diary Calmed Confusion A thing that helped me a lot yesterday night was … Continue reading Format Friday


cruisingi see the lightwho am II don't really knowand I am ok with it Long day filling a trailer with stuff The cottage we almost emptied Partly raw food ✌️Everything goes bananas 🍌Even the red cabbage 🙈 Lunch was good Weather was kind. No rain In case you wonder, I didn't move. Only stuff did.

12 Tips for a Good Metabolism

Workout before breakfast Move after eating Flush stomach with water before eating Eat plants instead of animals Eat protein in all meals. Quit alcohol Vary the tastes, spice up your food Have any coffee or tea just BEFORE meals Nibble Train maximum strength at least once per day Deep belly breaths before eating Go to … Continue reading 12 Tips for a Good Metabolism

Fresh Carrots and Spiced Pepper from the Garden

Ingredients  Dry 4-5 very small carrots 1 small green pepper Dried ginger root Cinnamon stalks Curcummin seeds Liquid Hemp oil Apple vinegar Preparation Chop the pepper finely Cut the carrots in long halves Grind ginger root and cinnamon in a mortar. Peel a curcummin seed and add the interior to the mortar Heat a frying … Continue reading Fresh Carrots and Spiced Pepper from the Garden

Spiced Seed Jelly and Kombu with Algae Drink

Ingredients  Dry Agar Agar Cinnamon stalks Chia seeds Chlorella powder Curcummin seeds Dried ginger root Fennel seeds Hemp seeds Spirulina powder Salt Liquids Hemp oil Water Preparation  Wash the kombu and let it soak for 15 min Rinse the kombu and let it boil with fresh water with a pinch of salt or a sprinkle … Continue reading Spiced Seed Jelly and Kombu with Algae Drink

Scheduled for Success

I woke up between 7 and 9, had a nice time meditating while in bed, but fell asleep again. My father gently woke me up. Then I wrote a schedule for the day, influenced by this infogram I read the day before. It divides the day in categories; sleep, exercise, making ends meet, primary work, … Continue reading Scheduled for Success

Rant about Proteins and What I Did for 24 Hours Without Eating!

Finally some food! Fried mushrooms, boiled Jerusalem artichokes (mmm!! 😍 love them, peel and all) and broccoli, turkish olives, sugar peas, tomatoes and lettuce, french bread. I feel this dinner was well deserve; since I woke up I have Meditated Ordered my paper notes Published a blog post (not this one) Cleaned up my poetry … Continue reading Rant about Proteins and What I Did for 24 Hours Without Eating!

A Fruit 🍌🍐 Face 😋 for Dinner!

Since I moved back to Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪 from the autonomous basque region (🏴󠁥󠁳󠁰󠁶󠁿 no emoji/unicode flag, damnit!) in northern Spain 🇪🇸 I feel like my chances of finding new vegan options for cooking have increased 10-fold, if not more! 😍 The Basque and Spanish cuisine has a very healthy base, but the development from … Continue reading A Fruit 🍌🍐 Face 😋 for Dinner!

Vegan tapas for a light lunch

Today I wanted a vegan yogurt for breakfast, but had only soy milk. However, I did have soy milk! So why not experiment! Let's start with some pictures from the mess I made I heated the milk in a pot to thicken it a bit. I began on medium heat and then lowered to 20% … Continue reading Vegan tapas for a light lunch

Yoga, brunch and photo walk

Yesterday I read a bit in Ashtanga Yoga by David Swenson and found some useful things to add to my practice. To start with, one can use a dedicated cloth on the typical rubber yoga mats. It will keep the practice more hygienic since the cloth is simple to wash. I used my bed sheet … Continue reading Yoga, brunch and photo walk