How to Continuously Strike Knowledge Gold!

or diamonds, or platinum, or whatever word pointing to the most valuable material we can conceive of. What am I talking about? I am talking about having a common-place book (or CPB as I like to abbreviate it). I recently regained access to the one I created it using OneNote 2016 on the after taking … Continue reading How to Continuously Strike Knowledge Gold!

on …. slowing ……. down ……………

When thoughts and actions are anxious and done compulsively, they are void of profound meaning, and we would be better off not performing them at all! But both thoughts and actions can be consciously slowed down by being aware of their parts. By observing each subtle movement, each word, each letter, each shape of each … Continue reading on …. slowing ……. down ……………

A quick list to dissolve the ego

Here is a list of things to accept to quickly start dissolving the ego, both personal and collective. It follows the divisions of the well renowned spiral dynamics model, going all the way from the instinct self to the non-dual state. It gets harder and harder for the ego to stomach the more of the … Continue reading A quick list to dissolve the ego

A brief history of humanity to date

This was not written from a non-dual perspective, and thus quite far from the actual truth. For example, it bypasses the fact the the past never exists outside of the present moment, and even there, only as fiction. It was written in an attempt to answer the question "What's going on?". The writing is partly … Continue reading A brief history of humanity to date

Free associations on immaterial concepts

Love — accepting what is Courage — moving along, letting go of interference of fear with the past Patience — being in what is Magnanimity  — accepting in totality what was and is and is coming into being Goodness — patiently setting aside the self to merge into what is Faith — flowing with the … Continue reading Free associations on immaterial concepts