Frozen Friday

I woke up early enough to do a complete yoga program. Yay! Then I went to central Stockholm for an on-site coding test as a part of applying for a job as a system developer. Fun, and only a tiny bit stressful, since I chose to eat a bit too much breakfast (still with the … Continue reading Frozen Friday

Willfully Wondrous Wednesday

How I managed this day was a long gratitude meditation, speeding through my life from baby to 30+, viewing as many people I met as I could through my mind's eye, followed by a strong determination meditation, focusing on a strange sensation in my left groin (I suspect vaccines but have no proof) which has … Continue reading Willfully Wondrous Wednesday

CV Template

I added a standard CV template to this web page: I also added Swedish and Spanish translations To fill it in, replace the headers, or write underneath them. I recommend copying just the HTML-code. Then you can format and publish in however and wherever you want. Just remember to replace the title … Continue reading CV Template