8th time with AV and the Cube of Truth • A journal of an animal activist

Since the beginning of February this year I have been volunteering for Anonymous for the Voiceless. AV as it is often called in short, is truly a phenomena, an animal rights movement which has grown over the last years to now organize weekly events in over 900 cities all around the world. The number of … Continue reading 8th time with AV and the Cube of Truth • A journal of an animal activist

Trunk of Common Aspen

Tree Trunks and Life Advice

I had planned to visit VegoForum in Stockholm today. VegoForum is an annual event with businesses and organizations related to veganism organized by. But I slept a few hours instead after working the whole night with updating the opening post for the Minecraft survival world b³O on the Minecraft forums. In the afternoon I walked … Continue reading Tree Trunks and Life Advice

Weightless Wednesday

Yup, no weights used today. But I still weigh something.. Around 73 kg according to the scale I used in the new gym I tried for cardio. Here's the program I followed and the calories burnt: Cross trainer 5 minutes @ resistance 45 minutes @ resistance 75 minutes @ resistance 15 110 calories burnt Rowing … Continue reading Weightless Wednesday

Moving again

Today I moved to a small apartment with 1,5 room! Above are all my belongings, which fit into the smallest rentable car. After moving I went shopping, exploring a nearby supermarket, slightly further away than the two right outside the building. Nuts! And tofu, kale, carrots and even a sweet potato! Here's the lunch I … Continue reading Moving again

Snowy Jog / Run and Green Brunch

Today I went out jogging but came back running. I measured the path approximately when I came back: https://www.distansen.se/?route=bDzFu It seems I lasted for about 3 km. Now I have a track I can run with a timer. The area have plenty of fun trails, tracks and roads with slopes. The forest is also full … Continue reading Snowy Jog / Run and Green Brunch

Timeless Tuesday

Curious about Contemplation? As I wrote yesterday, I would go to bed listening to the Quran and then to a mystical text. The Quran was to get as immersed in the Arabic religion as possible, while still letting my mind be open enough to not fall into traps of dividing people into identities, but to … Continue reading Timeless Tuesday

Fly agaric — amanita muscaria

Magic Mushroom Monday

Today I Was very close to a full enlightenment experience similar to what I had in 2017 Did yoga Ate only chickpeas and apples Shouted more than I ever recall in my whole life Took a walk in the forest and ate a small bit of Amanita muscaria, a mushroom. Supposedly poisonous, it had no … Continue reading Magic Mushroom Monday

Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder

This blog post starts out mundane, but as we get longer into Sunday it becomes very profound. Saturday https://youtu.be/13zrcAz2Fx4 Part I  of this weeks b³O video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN8J-ghAjSA&t=11s part II of this weeks b³O video On Saturday I worked almost the whole day bringing you the two episodes above. Then I streamed briefly on Twitch, replacing the … Continue reading Saturday Stream / Sunday Sonder