cruisingi see the lightwho am II don't really knowand I am ok with it Long day filling a trailer with stuff The cottage we almost emptied Partly raw food ✌️Everything goes bananas 🍌Even the red cabbage 🙈 Lunch was good Weather was kind. No rain In case you wonder, I didn't move. Only stuff did.

Walk in Vallentuna

Two days ago I took a walk with my father in autumn colored Vallentuna. The weather was chilly and cloudy weather and the air clean and refreshing! First we got an errand dealt with; inscribing me in the Swedish social security, which has its office next to the town square Then we visited the local … Continue reading Walk in Vallentuna

A new building concept

Today I designed a unique architectural concept for future cities. Each unit has self sustainable energy but interconnected grids separate traffic and pedestrian levels It is scalable in size from family/single business to mammoth size (think larger than Burj Dubai) in access points from 1 to as many as needed It has space and optimal … Continue reading A new building concept