Get excellent results with Minecraft builds by following the following four steps

1. Find the idea

Brainstorm ideas. If you need help, you can download this compilation of over 40 pages — it includes basic builds, survival efficiency builds, complex projects and much more

2. Get a vivid vision

Answering some questions will get you into the right mindset.

Color palette: Dark or light? One color, two colors or many?
Details: Clean and neat or messy?
Location:  Above ground, in a cave, in a certain biome? At some specific coordinates at a location you love?
Materials: How many? What specific ones? (Clay, dirt, gravel, sand, sandstone, wood etc)
Purpose: Decorative, functional or both? For certain activities? With a storage or even a red-stone contraption?
Setting, atmosphere and style: Artificial, detailed, clean or organic? Modern or ancient? Fantasy or realistic? Historical, contemporary or mixed

3. Make a layout

It is good to prepare properly. Decide the size of the build. For complex builds, use colored blocks to mark different parts.

The following tools can help you with shapes

for 2D circles — Donat Studios Pixel Circle Generator

for 3D shapesOranj’s Voxel Shape Generator (sphere, dome, cone, bezier curve)

4. Execute

Just build it!