What is b³O?

b³O is a Minecraft Survival World which was created in November 2017. Its first public appearance was under the name Flower Valley in February 2018 in this thread on the Minecraft survival forums, which describes it in much detail. Later the world needed a name of its own, since Flower Valley was just the area to be built and populated.


b³O is updated to 1.13 and continuing to expand on Minecraft Realms. The Discord server for b³O is https://discord.gg/BSUXrk.

Link to download page

What stuff do I need to build and explore b³O?

  • A computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS, preferably with a keyboard, a mouse and a headset, headphones or speakers.
  • A copy of Minecraft Java Edition installed and running. When you launch the game, you can choose which version to run.  Choose 1.12.2 if you are running the world download, and 1.13 if you want to join the world with me on Minecraft Realms

I downloaded b³O, now what do I do?

Start Minecraft, then click on ‘Options’, followed by ‘Resource Packs’ and ‘Open Resource Pack Folder’. This should open the folder ‘resourcepacks’ just below ‘.minecraft’ in the local file browser on your system. Replace resourcepacks with saves and you are in the right folder. Place the world download there.

On Linux, it is usually in ~/.minecraft/saves

On Windows 7 it is usually C:/Users/*your user name*/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves

On Windows 10 and Mac, I have no idea!

I am in b³O but lost! How do I find Flower Valley?

Read this page! It will help you find your bearings

I am not sure I want to play Minecraft, but I want to see what b³O is about.

You can experience the beginning of b³O without installing the game by reading the build journal. It is hosted in a dedicated thread on the Minecraft forums (here is the link: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/survival-mode/2890897-survival-world-b3o-build-journal-and-download) but for convenience I might migrate it to a website.

You can also watch the Let’s Build-series for the Acacian Ascendancy:

I enjoy the game but I don’t know how or what to build

This page has a bunch of additional useful resources (build ideas, software for enhancing in-game graphics and performance, online build-tools and resource packs)


Support the future of b³O!

Donate to help cover hosting, support and future updates!

The amount is up to you.

Details are available under ‘Support’ in the site menu. The easiest way is to open the support page as a new tab in your browser and follow the instructions while keeping this page open.

You will first be asked to make a transfer, and then to fill in a form. Write ‘minecraft survival’ in the message field for the message to be filtered correctly by the email client.

If you donate above a certain amount, you get can choose a perk! Make sure to include ‘perks’ in the message field! The current perk levels are:

  1. $10/€10/100SEK. Your name and the amount donated will be written on a sign placed inside the giant tree in the center of Flower Valley!
  2. $50/€50/500SEK. Something special will be created in your honor during around 2 hours of game time. The creation will be named in your honor and inspired by any additional information you want to share, such as your favorite activities or books, food, movies, music, people.
  3. 100/1000SEK. You can choose a custom creation taking up to 4 hours to build!

If you want the custom build, specify it in the message along with the donation. The more specific your request the better. Take the chance to contribute as awesome an addition as possible to the next world download! It helps if the idea aligns with the overall purpose, style and theme of b³O, but don’t let it limit your imagination!

This page can help you come up original ideas

Can I use b³O for my own SMP (survival multi player) on a private server or on Minecraft Realms?

Please contact me if you want to use the world other than privately

Places this world is featured

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