Get started in b³O

If you downloaded the world I recommend setting the game to difficulty ‘Peaceful’ in the settings to play more relaxed without worrying about fighting monsters. At least that’s how I approach the game. If you are playing with me The world on is mostly on peaceful, so there is usually no worry about mobs appearing as you join. As a new player you will appear at [-213.5, 0 20.5]. Follow the path to Flower Valley To find you way around if you don’t appear directly in Flower Valley, you can press F3 to see your current coordinates. This will also show A LOT of other info, but in the left part of the screen, just around the middle should be XYZ followed by three numbers. The number corresponding to X increases as you walk east, and decreases as you walk south. Similarly, Z increases as you walk north, and decreases as you walk south. Y is the height and increases as you walk uphill and decrease if you go down. To find Flower Valley where all the stuff I built is, walk to  [X=260,Z=570] The only rule I have is to have fun! Use anything you want, build anything you want, and explore wherever you want. There are signs around the buildings in Flower Valley to help orient any newcomer, and get started more easily. I tried my best to organize the materials and make the style and purposes of the buildings harmonize. For details on the builds in Flower Valley you can also read the journal If you have any questions not answered above, just ask! To contact me you can use the contact form Messages written there are forwarded to my email! Write ‘minecraft questions’ in the beginning of the form to help the email client filter it correctly. If we happen to be playing on the same server you can use the in-game chat. Press T to open and close the chat window. My name in the game is AvionPhoton. Hope to see you soon! Björn Kenneth Holmström