Looking for a co-founder

to be part of making the most revolutionary game idea the world has yet seen into reality You will manage the business in close collaboration with me You have world leading expertise in the following areas Business developmentGame developmentGame designGame programmingGame mechanicsPublic speakingRecruitingSoftware architectureStrategic planningWorking with investors or other ways of funding You also have … Continue reading Looking for a co-founder

My Quickest Nondual Enlightenment Experience?

As the clock turns past 21.30 this evening and I sit in front of a laptop with this music on... looking forward towards the wall at the desk is enough and non-dual perception strikes... I breath into my heart and sense it ... the infinite Everything, past, present, future is one whole single thing. There … Continue reading My Quickest Nondual Enlightenment Experience?

Sunday activism

Today was my third time in the Cube of Truth with Anonymous for the Voiceless and my first time doing outreach. I learned a lot from listening to other more experienced activists. In a beautiful moment was given the opportunity to speak with a girl who is now taking veganism seriously just like I started … Continue reading Sunday activism

Saturday in Stockholm

I had some very joyful moments today... When they come I feel that I trust that this life, this moment is good and meant to be. In those moments I can see how some things which seem relatively bad are only so from some certain perspectives, held by those that haven't yet awoken. They might … Continue reading Saturday in Stockholm

33 tips for developing a successful video game

Accept contributions for freeAny press is good pressBe reachableBe OK with being unreachable and sacrifice for the businessCelebrate winsConsider other income streamsCover contracts and ownership, consult a lawyer if neededCreate a proper press kit with all your game info, art and videos in one placeDon’t appeal to everyone / try to make it perfectDon’t leave … Continue reading 33 tips for developing a successful video game

Weightless Wednesday

Yup, no weights used today. But I still weigh something.. Around 73 kg according to the scale I used in the new gym I tried for cardio. Here's the program I followed and the calories burnt: Cross trainer 5 minutes @ resistance 45 minutes @ resistance 75 minutes @ resistance 15 110 calories burnt Rowing … Continue reading Weightless Wednesday

Organizing new apartment and shopping for activism and vegan food

Yesterday I went to bed a bit later than planned, trying out different dating apps. It shouldn't be so hard to find some good friends for good company, love, sex and fun meaningful activities. I found several great and interesting people already.. But how to choose?? Even though I rose late from bed I had … Continue reading Organizing new apartment and shopping for activism and vegan food

Moving again

Today I moved to a small apartment with 1,5 room! Above are all my belongings, which fit into the smallest rentable car. After moving I went shopping, exploring a nearby supermarket, slightly further away than the two right outside the building. Nuts! And tofu, kale, carrots and even a sweet potato! Here's the lunch I … Continue reading Moving again