Moon Wish

Background and preparation

The idea for Moon Wish came in a dream. The dream was a brief visual flash and lasted less than a second, but I knew what it was immediately; It was the moon with life similar to the Earth! I felt the dream was a wish from the moon as it is now to be depicted with life.

The next days I researched the moon’s geology by reading and making sketches. I wanted to get a grasp on the placement and shapes of the largest seas and craters.

I knew the current scientific theory of how moon was formed from a collision with Earth by a Mars-sized body. Would it have evolved life too, were it not for the collision? Could the moon host life in the future?

I thought about the climate. Would the seas dry out each lunar cycle? Would the clouds move differently from how they move on earth? Would there be polar ice?

moon wish artwork

Drawing and materials

Not completely certain I still began the drawing on paper.

First I put down the shapes of the craters, seas and mountains using pencils.

Then I created different zones with colored pencils.

To stay true to the dream, I let the ecology balance to something stabler, but the desert area on the eastern side is a residue from considering this question. I kept the idea that rain clouds travel towards the unlit side due to day on the moon lasting half a month on Earth. I did not any divisions of concentric climate zones along the rotational axis, even if it might be more realistic.

Then I rested one night before blending the coloring with water, adding more geographical details with ink pens, colored brush ink pens and another round of colored pencils. I filled the dark space behind and made the outer atmosphere more vibrant with a black ink marker and smaller clouds and stars using white highlighter.