I drew gaia just after getting this advice from a friend and artist: ‘You can study Michelangelo as much as you want, but when it comes to art, just forget everything’

I set out to draw a male character, but it ended up female. I also had the intention to make it happy, but it turned out crying, and I cried myself why drawing it.
I felt this was a sorrow inside me connected to seeing the environment not being cared for and feeling inadequate to act and realize all the changes I know is possible.
So, Gaia as you might know is our planet personified. The light bulb represents enlightenment, and my wish for more people to become more aware.

gaia artwok in ink pens and colored pencils

I used lead pencils for the contours and composition, then filled them in with ink pens. finally I colored with pencils and used a water brush pen to blend them. I also added some shades with lead pencil.