Amets, Unai, Unai and Kimets

Amets, Unai, Unai and Kimets were sitting on a bench outside on Kalbario square next to where I live. I asked if I could take a photograph to use for drawing practice. They were happy to participate. They looked directly at the camera at first, but I told them that I preferred if they acted just as they had before I approached them. I was amazed at how easily they did that!

The drawing turned out pretty well, although I had trouble getting the features of one face right.. can you see which one?

Amets, Unai, Unai and Kimets. Artwork in colored pencils and ink pen

I used lead pencil to draw an initial sketch to find the proportions.
I filled in the contours with an thick ink pen to transfer the shapes to the paper in the picture above. There I traced the outlines and filled the darkest areas with ink pens. Then I added details. I finally colored with pencils and shaded with lead pencil and ink pens.