IMPORTANT: None of the artwork created by me before 2019-02-25 is guaranteed to be vegan! I am currently looking into the art materials used and waiting for responses from suppliers on the cases where I am not certain.

To read about an individual artwork, click on it. Contact me if you have questions or want to buy.

moon wish artwork
Moon Wish
Owl's Vision. Artwork in ink pen and colored pencil
Owl’s Vision
acacian ascendancy
Acacian Ascendancy
Alia and Shai Hulud
Alia and Shai-Hulud
mushroom clouds
Mushroom Clouds
gaia artwok in ink pens and colored pencils
Amets, Unai, Unai and Kimets. Artwork in colored pencils and ink pen
Amets, Unai, Unai and Kimets
Sanctuary. Artwork in ink pen and colored pencils