Hi my friend and welcome!

Let me tell you about myself and my blog & website

The seed for bkh.me was planted in my head many years ago when one of my brothers told me he would be very interested to read my thoughts in the form of a blog or a book. Before that moment, I had only a vague feeling that anyone would be interested, and almost no clue that I would be capable of achieving such a feat. It grew on me however that it must be possible to combine all creative outlets I love into one single thing and share the fruits with as many as possible while living a happy life, free of worries.

And so, as I reached my mid 30’s in 2015-2016, I registered a domain on WordPress and wrote my very first blog post. (the date on the post has unfortunately changed!)

Since then I have

Made over a hundred pages and posts on my blog and website

Spent thousands of hours reading watching videos and reading articles, blogs and books on deep topics such as enlightenment, psychology, self-help, self-mastery and spirituality, and experienced enough to write several books myself.

Got so many ideas from insane bursts of creativity and insights for how to change and improve the world with new businesses, changes in current business, governments, institutions and ways of thinking that I feel I would have to live several hundred if not thousands of years were I to try and implement them myself.

Made a ton of drawings and other art of which only some are on this website.

Bought the bass guitar of my dreams and almost recorded a complete music album with nine songs, including awesome lyrics. Sung and rapped on recording for the first time in my life. Made plans for three more albums with a total of 39 songs.

Written a recipe book in both English with over 20 recipes, translated it into Spanish as well as started translating it into Chinese.

Started learning five languages at the same time; Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian, while trying to maintain the ones I already know: English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Basque and Japanese. Started learning even more, just because I can’t resist the beauty of different writings: Korean and Thai.

Achieved the rank of Master in 4 out of 5 categories (Math, Reading, Speaking and Writing) in the brain-training app Elevate, Apple’s App of the Year in 2014 and Google’s Editors Choice.

Created two highly unique Minecraft game worlds; One in an immersive setting with imaginative purposeful buildings, custom trees, and engaging interactive red-stone wiring, the other with an eclectic variety of creations connected via a central map teleporating the player to each location and back after solving a wide variety of tricky puzzles.
All the while journaling, detailing the creative process in an entertaining and personal style with text and screenshots posted on the Minecraft forums.

Connected with and made friends with thousands of people, from a wide diversity of ages, genders and ethnicities, both locally and all around the world via Facebook, Instagram and many other social media sites.

Learnt hundreds of fun exercises movements from calisthenics, free running, gymnastics, olympic weighlifting, weight lifting and yoga and also invented my own inspired from animals (even insects!)

Taught kids and even adults cool workout skills such as pull-ups, chin-ups, pushups, jumps, handstands, skip-ropes.

Lived from food only grown on a small apartment terrace. Lived from food only left by other people. Lived without any food for days. Broken my vegetarianism and veganism only to come back much stronger and fully convinced.

Lived over a year without any money or phone number. Lived without using toilet paper. Lived for many months without electricity.

Got an offer for a CEO position in one of the world’s leading company coaching coaches. And felt ‘I am meant for something bigger and more important’.

Lost my savings along with my passion for music. Felt so overwhelmed by being able to create anything that could ever be imagined to exist, that I couldn’t do anything at all. Been stunned by infinite beauty over and over again. Created such a strong life purpose, that it made me become the whole universe, and when I started resisting it, it started to throw me around like a leaf in a hurricane.

Had mystical experiences I will never be able to fully describe but can still try: Sensed energies of collective ideas such as soda brands and controlling religious dogmas manifested as actual physical forms. Directly tapped into and embodied minds of artists and geniuses. Changed the weather with my thought. Transformed into a Bodhisattva and then back again. Manifested myself as a child passing by with another mother. Experienced my surroundings change time from something like 1980’s and back again to 2010’s in brief seconds, along with items disappearing, morphing and reappearing.

Partly cleaned out the upper floor of an abandoned house where a robber used to live who had filled it completely with empty soda bottles and packages from vending machines.

Moved back to and reconnected with my family who thought I was lost forever.

And much much more…

I hope all this made you curious enough to follow the blog and explore the website

Me and my webpage are evolving and growing organically all the time. As I learn new things, rediscover old things I do my utmost to keep things up to date and publish the most excellent content I can.

If you have any questions, comment on the blog, or contact me directly, I will be happy to respond!