A rant on creativity with two exercises

A common misconception is the belief that being creative is difficult or only something some people are able to do. Why is there a need to say ‘I am a creative person’, for example when applying to a job? One reason might be because society is so retarded in its evolution, much of its culture and organization make people live boring repetitive robotic lives where creativity is suppressed, they forget or never even are given or give themselves the opportunity to be creative. And then the few creative people that succeed using their creative capacities are held in much higher regard relative to oneself than they should, as if only those were capable of it. Thus a thought about oneself ‘I am not creative’ is what is responsible, nothing else; the truth is that everyone comes into this world with an unlimited creative capacity.

To start with, existence itself is creativity in display. Using another word for it, creation, it is even more obvious. Just the fact that we are and continue to be is a testament to this infinite amount of creativity. And from a scientific perspective, we are just the result of one particular set of initial parameters out of an infinite number of conceivable universes.

To be creative as a human can be as simple as taking two things at random, combine them and see what comes out. For example, I look at what’s on my desk: a pen and a heart-shaped necklace. I can combine them and have a pen with a heart on, or a necklace with a pen. These would probably sell in a trinket store. But these are just objects. I could take a field of study, let’s say chemistry and combine it with something I’ve eaten, say cake. Now I have ‘cake chemistry’. What is that about? It is definitely possible to write a book about.
Let’s do another, more abstract. I take differential calculus and combine it with mushrooms. We can describe mushroom growth with differential calculus. We could also model mushroom shapes with differential geometry. And then apply the findings of mushroom growth to something else, perhaps they can model how memes spread on social media? Or the mushroom models to modern architecture, building mushroom-shaped houses.

Another way to be creative is to use imagination and try to go beyond current concepts. For example, what would a being more advanced and evolved than a human look be and look like? For example, let’s say it didn’t have to tend to survival need like eating, procreating, sleeping and so on. What sort of existence would it inhabit?

For fun, I dare you to try the combining and/or imagination exercise and post your ideas in a comment below!

To be continuously creative, we can just repeat the process. Eventually something really original might occur!

It might seem scary to some, but it is a very healthy exercise to see that things do not have to be so strict and serious and that there is not really any fixed rules to reality. There might appear to be rules, but it is only because they have been around for so long.

Even if I might turn some reader away, I will take it to the extreme here and say that things like gravity and other laws of physics are also just temporary beliefs or ideas. They are just assumed to be permanent enough for a larger reality to appear solid, in which creatures can appear to have evolved in. But notice that what we choose to call things determine how we relate to them. The heart necklace on my desk could be called a jade stone, a crystal lattice, a 3D-shape outlined by symmetrically mirrored curves along one plane, something green, hard and polished, a stone, a jewel, a personal effect and so on. While all of the descriptions are relatively true, none of them are absolutely so. In fact, the only absolute description of something IS the thing itself, and since nothing can exist on its own without the relation to everything around it. To take everything into account in a symbolic description is a futile endeavor. It would need to encompass everything that have existed, exist and will exist! This is also why there cannot be an ultimate model of existence, no matter how hard for example physicists try to find one!

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