What are the Akashic records, and how do I access them?

The Akashic records simply is a way to describe the universal ability of anyone directly accessing any information that ever was, is or ever will be, which is just as truly infinitely infinite as and equivalent to the sum totality of existence.
It might sound like a lot, but is nothing special if you recognize some fundamentals of reality:
– There is nothing special about anyone or anything.
– You are not really a separate being.

To help you acknowledge this, you can recognize that anything you ever experienced always occurred within the exact same consciousness as you are in now, thus all boundaries as to what you can know and be are self-imposed, not permanent and really only what you choose to keep.

It might help to also note that there is no permanent locality of information within reality. Where is a thought? Where is a letter?
The same goes for awareness/consciousness.

On a tangent funny note, you actually use the Akashic records to get the answer to what it is, since any way you did it, you used it. It is existence itself, as a self-referencing paradox!

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