An extremely simple guide for how to meditate meaningfully

Sit, stand or lie, however you like, choose a place and position where you feel comfortable. Be aware. Set a timer only if you feel it calms you down. Avoid any notions of particulars such as meditations to achieve something or which are connected to any particular concept, ideology or other idea about what to do or who to be, what existence is etc., even visualizations. All of those, albeit perhaps fun for a while, are just ego-delusions and never as fulfilling as a meditation with less fluff.

If you meditate in this simple manner, you’ll hopefully discover that the whole existence is meaningful just by existing as it is, and that anything that occurs is as valid as the meditation. This will happen spontaneously by itself, without you doing or thinking anything.

If philosophically inclined, you can go meta and contemplate a question such as: ‘What is meaning?’, but I’d like to emphasize that finding answers are always of secondary importance to meditation.

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