A note on eating meat and murder

We’ll always be able to eat meat if we really want. We would go, kill and eat.

We are only murderers when the individuals we kill did not want to die, which happens when we kill with evil intent (Swedish translation: ont uppsåt).

If we eat someone murdered by someone else I think we might at most flatter ourselves as accomplices, which I think is the term vegans should use if they need to accuse, but since the murder is before payment and the buyer not aware, it does not seem appropriate in my eyes

Vegan activists in restaurant disruption protests usually state that the animal parts on the plates are not food but violence (as in, a product of) I would say it is arguably both, since it provides nourishment, albeit of pretty poor benefit for the environment, health etc

What happens to animals in today’s modern slaughterhouses (as well as before arriving there) is unnecessary suffering which the animal protection laws in Sweden rules against, but the law is not practiced: Chapter 2 §1: “1 § Djur ska behandlas väl och skyddas mot onödigt lidande och sjukdom.” (translated: animals are to be well treated and protected against unnecessary suffering and disease

The law stating one thing and the reality being another are some of the reasons the public consuming animals suffer cognitive dissonance and have a suppressed bad conscience around the whole affair. The problem in my eyes, if there is such a thing, is that even though most people really don’t feel like they honestly can or need go around killing animals for food, they still pay for and over-consume out of habit, and to an extreme. Disease, environmental pollution etc caused by this is then attempted to be solved with solutions covering symptoms (more drugs etc) instead of addressing root causes, since many people don’t even want to know that what they keep on doing is harmful to themselves.

As a simple example of patching symptoms, the most common cause of human death is heart/cardiovascular disease, typically caused by clogged arteries which are simply caused by high cholesterol from consuming egg, meat and dairy, the only source of such (saturated fat only raise the body’s own production). So we could think the simplest thing would be to just eat something else, for example, tofu which has all essential amino acids (full protein) but no cholesterol. But cardiovascular drugs sales from last year were $47 billion globally. So people eat badly in ignorance -> get drugs prescribed -> and repeat the pattern until heart failure or death.

Note: ‘We’ as used in the first paragraphs is of course stated in a general sense, not assuming, including or indicating any particular real action or entity

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