๐Ÿ’™ bkh.me-eting Djurens Parti ๐Ÿงก

This day was another sunny spring day, and it felt sunny not just on the outside.

I went to the annual meeting of Djurens Parti, the animal rights party in Sweden (By the way, check out and be inspired by the most beautiful and stunning page I have ever seen for a political party: djurensparti.se). It felt amazing to not only witness but also participate in the beginnings of what will be the biggest change the coming years and probably decades, not just here but all over the world. Finally we are bringing up the most important questions of our time, to take the next step in evolution of life on the planet. It is done in a way that directly reaches the heart. Already the party is collaborating with the other animal rights parties in Europe in a manner unprecendented in the history of the European Union. I hope this will inspire other political parties too. If you don’t know what to vote for in your next election, find the party that dares not only to advocate animal welfare, but to actually bring full rights to other animals than humans to no longer be treated as commodities for amusement, food, clothes and so forth. The changes of making veganism into our natural state of being will have impact on everything we really care about in an overwhelmingly inclusive and positive way.

Bjรถrn K. Holmstrรถm on a street in Upplands-Vรคsby, Sweden, on route to annual national meeting of Djuren's Parti, Sweden, 2019

Speaking of veganism, dressing up for the day I was going to put on my suit I bought maybe over ten years ago. At the time I never thought about what it took to make it. Since I’ve worn it quite seldom, only lately have I used it more often and finally thought about looking what materials it was made of. Turns out it is 60% wool. I no longer felt like wearing it, and put pants and a jacket made from organic cotton instead. I still remember the sheep I visited a few years ago closed up in a dirty pen. There is no way we can say animals used for industrially manufacturing clothes today are consenting to give their body parts for clothing, which would be the only acceptable way, similar to how one of us humans would agree to let the hairdresser give our long hair away to make some item of, since we have willingly agreed to have our hair cut and no longer need it. We have plant alternatives since ancient times like hemp and linen along with new developments like lyo-cell from eucalyptus which are so much more sustainable, so please support these alternatives when you buy something new. I’d like to symbolize this with going against the saying “you can’t have the cake and eat it too”. No, we can have the (delicious vegan) cake, eat it and share it as well. We can change towards a better future without losing anything we really care about. Quite the opposite, we will all benefit from a more compassionate world. Dare to care!

Amazing vegan raw-food cake
Amazing vegan raw-food cake served at the meeting!

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