Signs of Spring

Yesterday I thought about what I am most afraid of. I concluded that it must be to be really happy and successful, actually achieving the things I want, like making money from the things I love and helping people and the planet through it. Strange huh?

Today I walked to a nearby forest I had wanted to explore. It had a long nice path among the various trees. I got plenty of inspiration for building on a multiplayer server I recently joined in Minecraft. I built my base in a swamp and try my best to make the nature look natural and organic both there and at spawn. Spawn is the central starting location where players on servers often meet, build, share and trade for the whole community. I am currently working on a Zen temple where people will be able press a timer to sit and meditate. Next to it will be a green area representing my base in the swamp in some fashion.

Here’s are the photos I took along the walk today.

The first one is from the forest. I like it because of the green moss. I had some other opportunities for photographs as well, but didn’t use them. Maybe another day!

On the way home I spotted the first tree I’ve seen this year growing leaves.

Nearby were also these, which moved magically in the wind.

Finally a very common sign of spring here in Sweden, grey willow with a pine behind

Now I will have a green tea with lemon.

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