Practical Mysticism

Lately I wanted to get back a bit into mysticism, so I listened to parts of two nice audio-books on my phone today: Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays by Bertrand Russell and The Mystic Will by Charles Godfrey Leland. In the first book I was gladly surprised to hear how Russell points out that modern physics correctly assumes existence to be acausal. No cause is needed for example to describe how planets move by the laws of gravity. From the latter I found the Chapter I: Attention and Interest very practical and rewarding. Build up a positive momentum by maintaining a real interest in things you want to learn and master.

The acausal nature of existence is utterly missed by today’s materialistic culture and society. One implication of acausality is that there is no need for us to involve the concept of brains as a source of or site of consciousness. Leo Gura explains it perfectly in this video:

Of course nothing beats actual experience to get in touch with the mystical nature of reality. This means raising awareness as much as possible, and being present right now with the infinite infinity, the only thing there ever is.

Having a meditation practice can help, here is a site I found with a great collection to choose from: Pick what you feel the most attracted to.

I tried the ‘Easy Rest’ from the collection and found it really nice. I didn’t want to use my phone, but wanted a 5 minute-timer, so I wrote this code in python:

import sys
import time

If you have python installed, you can either run the code in the interpreter or as a file, and change the 300 seconds to anything you prefer

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